Celtica Radio – 756

From Midnight tonight Celtica Radio will be broadcasting our programmes on the medium wave.  For two hours nightly we will be syndicating our shows on Mid Wales’ new local radio station, Radio Hafren.

A couple of years ago we experimented with transmitting on the Medium Wave using the facilities of the supportive mainland European Broadcaster Radio Seagull/Radio Waddenzee.  The transmissions took advantage of the atmospheric effects that the Medium Wave or AM band is subject to late at night.  These characteristics ensured that the broadcasts could be received throughout most of Central Europe and the East Coast of the UK.

I’m so very grateful to Radio Hafren for giving us this opportunity and the owners themselves for supporting us… We’ve spent eleven long years working to get our shows broadcast on UK radio.  Not only will it bring our programmes to a whole new audience of late night listeners in Mid Wales and further afield. But as our material is syndicated during the hours of darkness, we will no doubt pick up what are known as DX, or distance, listeners as well.

As usual all our shows will also be available on-line to download or to listen again for one week to one month after the initial broadcast.

For me, Radio Hafren electing to take our syndicated shows on a nightly basis is a personal triumph, and a testament to the loyal and talented team of presenters it has been my privilege to represent since 1997.

So what’s going to be so special about these new shows then? I hear you ask?  What sort of value are they going to add?  Well…  Actually, the answer is in Celtica Radios origins, and the programmes we have been making and broadcasting across the world for the last eleven years.

Our station was born out of the very human condition of defiance and tenacity in defeat…  One of the things we were, and still are, very passionate about, is the fundamentally important role of broadcasters to champion new and unsigned and independent artists.

Thomas Pain, joint owner of Radio Hafren said:- “We’ve had an excellent relationship with Celtica Radio since January, and like us they have the same business ethos and local broadcasting values.  Plus they have already produced popular shows for us in both English and Welsh.  Indeed, the programmes produced by Celtica actually assisted in the transferring by Ofcom of our broadcast licence, so we know that we’ve got a tried and tested product already accepted by the regulator.”

Underground Edition – April 8th 2011

Hello there, this is Bill Everatt, with news about the brand Celtica Radio Underground Edition, Receivable Worldwide, On-line, On Digital Wireless and on the Nokia Mobile Phone Network for April 8th 2011.

In this update: –

My special guest is Ludwig Amadeus, and I’ll be talking to him, about twenty minutes into the show.

In Urban Legends this time, we hear the story of The Visitor at Waunfawr.

And in our “who said this?”  I’d like to know who said this; “Justice delayed, is justice denied.”  So, who do you think said that?  Any Idea?  I’ll give you the answer at the end of the show.

Music wise, we have tracks from; Jim Hitchcock, DANTE, Fletcher, Lato and Mr Gary C.

Welcome to Jack Knowlson

We’re pleased to announce that the Managing Director of Apple FM and broadcaster; Jack Knowlson, has joined Celtica Radio.

Jack, will be well known to listeners in Europe as the presenter of the Dark Side, a programme broadcast by our friends on Radio Seagull. Here on Celtica Radio, Jack will be injecting new life into an old favourite, the Automatic Rock Show.

Each week, you’ll be able to hear some of the finest Independent and Unsigned Rock Bands in the world spiced up by Jacks edgy and knowledgeable presentation. So welcome Jack, from all of us on the station.

Farewell KC Jones

We’re sorry to have to report that KC Jones has, after nine years of sterling and loyal service to Celtica Radio, decided to step down from presenting programmes.

I’m sure you will join us all in wishing KC the very best in his retirement and in whatever he decides to undertake in the future, and in also saying should he ever wish to return to Celtica Radio, he only has to ask.

Without KC’s tireless assistance, especially during our Roadshows, the work would have been a lot more difficult, and all of us at Celtica Radio owe him a debt of gratitude.  This guy has earned a rest, and it was a privilege to have broadcast alongside him.

At this time we do not have a presenter to take over his R’n’B show; and for the time being this programming feature will be discontinued until such time as we can recruit a suitable replacement.

You will be sorely missed Clive! –  The ‘A’ Team

Dave Cooks Zoo Returns!

Dave Cook has began work on a brand new show featuring some great songs from the Celtica Radio Playlist.  We’re hoping to bring you the All New Dave Cooks Zoo on a weekly basis, with Cookys usual one-liners and wit.

This update also contains these great songs; Downloadable and in listen again formats.

Caldwell Shine – Today
Threadneedle Street – Old Enemies
Quinn’s Uncles – Say Uncle
Jabba James – Make a little Smile
Rory Flynn – Too Late In The Day
Milano – Colour Me
Frump – Pick Up Your Socks
Mythica – Don’t Be
2 Good To Go – SummerTime
Peter Farrell – Seal The Deal
Starsky – Followers
Three Minute Warning – Faithless
Joe Naim – My Love
Jazzy K – Africa
Roxanne Hall & Avenue Earth – I Am What I Am