Dave Cook’s Zoo 15th Aug 2011

Hello everybody, thanks for listening to my show, and of course Celtica Radio. I am always pleasantly surprised when I get a chance to sit back, and realise that people want to listen to my ‘load of old rubbish’ I call the Dave Cook’s Zoo. Your responses make it all worthwhile for me, as it does with the other presenters.

It has once again been a period of progress for Celtica Radio. Moving onto the Medium wave, I always think when we say the medium wave that we should all be sitting round a table holding hands chanting……..’ is there anybody there!’ Since we became involved with Radio Hafren we have taken on a new energy, and thanks to all our listeners there, and to all our internet listeners we have found through this a new strength to carry on. I bet you didn’t think you could make that much differenc to an organisation, but you have………’fer sure, fer sure it’s clean clear to Flagtown c’mon!’

So what’s in store for you the ‘Good listener?’ Well we have all been ‘cogitating our navels’, although Bill did get moved on in Cardiff for doing his cogitating in public.

He is so precocious, and at times ‘slack Alice’ about such things. We are receiving so many airplay requests from bands, and single artists that we are literally spoilt for choice, and as I always say with this kind of music…’ who would want to turn the dial?’

Lookout for a track from the ‘Blue Horses’, a Welsh band that will be playing on my ‘upcoming’ show this week. The track is called  ‘In Flanders Field’. This song is dedicated to the memory of The Fallen of World War One. This is something close to my heart, and we should all be grateful to these men.

The band uses Celtic themes mixed into a rock and roll spirit that, in turn, charges them into producing some ‘mind blowing’ improvisations. This in turn gives them the means to produce a truly unique hybrid sound not to be missed. They are fronted by Gothess Lizzy Prendergast (who is loverley to look at, but after the event I have to lie down in a darkened room, with vinegar cloths on my legs, and a nurse on standby). The band also is influenced by her co-founder, and co writer Nic Waulker.

They formed in the 1990’s working hard to form there unique sound, and now it is ‘paying off’. This is a band to watch in the future. They could easily become famous, and then it’ll be a ‘Fiver to talk to them’.

Also ‘listen out’ for Luke Aaron Clark. A new voice on the ‘airwaves’. Luke has been working hard on his productions to ‘hone his style’ for the listener. He ‘hales from’ Brighton, but he could be in Paris, London, Istanbul……….he get’s about a bit. I did when I was younger, but that was because we were always one step ahead of the rentman. I hope that’s not the reason for him ‘being on the go!’. The track you’ll hear from Luke is called ‘You’. I feel sure we will hear alot more from Aaron in the future.

Well that’s it for the moment. I wish you well, and I would like to leave you with this saying from Confusious a third century philosopher……..’Man with hole in pocky can feel cocky. Man with two hole in pocky cannot feel two cocky! Man with three hole in pocky is downright over ambitious!!!!!

Bye for now, and may your God go with you. Ta!!

Classic Celtica Interviews

Our “Old Bill” [Everatt] started in radio in 1979, and amongst the stations he’s broadcast on include ABC in Ireland, two years at Red Dragon Radio in Cardiff and six years at Swansea Sound!  But the station he’s spent the most time on is Celtica Radio.

He’s a rather reclusive animal – he doesn’t even do Facebook!  But now you can get to hear some vintage Bill, along with the other guys chatting to some great artists in Classic Celtica Interviews, every Sunday.

Click Here To Listen

Underground Edition – June 25th 2011

Hello there, this is Bill Everatt, with news about this weeks Celtica Radio Underground Edition, now on-line and Receivable Worldwide, On-line, On Digital and Mobile Wireless, and on 756 AM through the transmitters of Radio Hafren.

And in this update: –

We feature the band Electro Kill Machine.

In Urban Legends, we hear the story of The Phantom Legion.

And in our “who said this?”  I’d like to know who said this; “There is only one difference between a madman and me. I am not mad.”  I’ll give you the answer at the end of the show.

Plus, music wise, we have tracks from; Minerva Street, Prolific Noise, Spanx T Urquhart, Tony Haven and Scarlet BLONDE.

Celtica Radio is Eleven years old today!

This last year has been an extremely interesting one for our station; a couple of our long term members’ decided to leave and several new voices join our network including Nick K, our first overseas presenter.

However, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the biggest events of recent years has been the association with Radio Hafren.

The story stretches back to Christmas with this cryptic Blog posting.  At the time, we felt that it would be prudent not to publicise that our station was a supporter of Radio Hafren.  Over the years, members of Celtica Radio, have been privately threatened over our continued public highlighting of the constructive exclusion we have faced.  We have had threats of jeopardy to our broadcasting careers if we continued to speak out, and these threats were made by senior managerial staff of other commercial radio stations.

We have no idea of how many other influential managerial staff of commercial radio stations actively pursue this prejudice, but some ARE still active in UK media.  It’s an inconvenient and embarrassing fact, but it’s not something that should be airbrushed from history, so we tell it here…

Clearly, given this hidden agenda, the last thing we wanted to do was to have Radio Hafrens’ association with us create problems for them.  So we resolved to quietly work in the background, assisting in the production of programming which would ensure the transfer of the broadcasting licence to Radio Hafren.  In turn, the owners of Radio Hafren have been very encouraging, and kindly agreed to allow us to keep our on-air identity in the programmes they syndicate from us.  Needless to say it is a privilege to provide them with continued support and to assist them in compliance with the OfCom promise of performance.

Celtica Radio has always been keen on the promotion of the Welsh language, and we’re proud to be the producers of Ser-am Saith for Radio Hafren, presented by our own Alun-Wyn Dafis.

Since we started broadcasting on 756kHz Medium Wave, we have received renewed interest in our station and our internet audience figures are steadily rising too.  Plus, it was a real shot in the arm when we started getting reception reports from our Medium Wave broadcasts.  The furthest to date is some sixteen kilometres south of Amsterdam, many hundreds of miles away from the one kilo-watt medium wave transmitter in Newtown, Powys.

Above all these last twelve months have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Celtica Radio can make, deliver and sustain a quality alternative radio service; and co-exist with established commercial radio, and that such a service would enrich the choice of listeners wherever and whenever they tune in.  All we asked was a chance to prove it, and thanks to Thomas Pain and Alistair Tyne we have been given that chance.

Celtica Radio – Not bad for a station that the pundits said wouldn’t last three months after we launched on June 21st 2000!

The Dentist will see you now!

Celtica Radio is pleased to announce that the British hardhouse and trance music record producer; Jon the Dentist (born John Vaughan), is returning to broadcast on our station. Jon will be presenting the stations dance programme, the Pre-Club Mix.

Jon was a founder of the Nu-NRG dance music sound of the 1990s, and he has released many popular singles including “Feel So Good” and “Imagination” with Ollie Jaye, both of which reached the UK Singles Chart.

The first programme of the new series will feature four mix sessions, each of around fifteen minute’s duration, mixed exclusively for Celtica Radio by Jon from studios in Pembroke. This first programme in the new series will be a continuous mix of music with no DJ voice presentation, although this is expected to change later on in the series.

Jon the Dentist has an unbelievable portfolio, having released scores of mixes on such labels as Tidy Trax, Sony, EMI Positiva, Nukleuz, ID&T, as well as his own record label too.

The All New Pre-Club Mix will go on-line tonight just after five PM UK time.