The State of The Radio Industry

Recently, a number of postings on a respected Media discussion website, relating to Commercial, BBC and Community radio stations in the UK, pointed out bad management, GREED on the part of the station owners, and their appalling attitude to employees.  As well as the UK regulator OFCOM’s perverse decisions, and the restrictive practices of associated organisations as well as OFCOM.

What do you think, is its a case of one rule for the plebeians and another for the patricii?  Are the Media Operators as well as the regulator guilty of being the worst kind of hypocrites?

The Steve Edge New Music Radio Show

Hi Everybody, this is Steve Edge, Head of Music here at Celtica Radio.  Every fortnight, we add more great tunes to our ever expanding playlist, and I get to airplay the new additions first!  In the latest show I’m playing music by;-

Disalvo – Party
Stillman – In The Margin
Gaz Reynolds – I Dont Care
James Spendley – Sweet Baby Listen
Erioca Iji – Break It With You
Richard Gilpin – The Ballad of Francis and the Sultan
Raff – Soul
Sewuese – Loved By You
Bianca Rose – Wha’pn Darlin
Jonny Boston Quartet – Pause & Ponder
Electron Love Theory – puzzle
SWAG music – Paradise Lost III
Grayson Wray – Life Is A Sound

And if you are a New Music Artist, and would like to get your work on Celtica Radio, e-mail me, or post a reply here.

Underground Edition

Hello there, this is Bill Everatt.  The April 8th update of the Underground Edition will be on air in the next couple of days and in this weeks show Keith Berry-Davies reads the story of the Cat Flap, The thing is, was it modern Art or not?  You can get more details on this tale and others from Mark Barbers book called Urban Legends Uncovered.

Andy John – see his Blog entry for more – will be moaning and moaning and moaning about something or other!

Also who said this?   “You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.”  Who do you think said that?  Plus we’ve also got some great music and information on the artists from amongst others, Leslie Alexander, Disalvo, Kenhinde, Rune, Going Some Place and in a moment Grayson Wray.

So tune in to the Underground Edition, you’ll be glad you did!

Moan, moan, moan!

Well, it’s what I do. And I was determined to be the second person at least to leave a post on this new blog. I’m Andrew John. I provide a weekly moan or rant in Bill Everatt’s Underground Edition and a weekly news digest in Fred Stacey’s programme.

What I hope to do on this blog is post my rant – a few days after it’s been incorporated into The Underground Edition – and you, dear reader, can comment to your heart’s content. The more controversial the better.

So look upon this first post (by me, that is) as a hello, and I’ll be here with comments on this and that, a bit of the other, on politicians and religious leaders (and the two often overlap – sickening, isn’t it?), idiots in the news and the occasional small furry marsupial (far better company than all the others).

Seeya later.

Hello, world!

Welcome to the Celtica Radio blog. As it grows, you’ll find here posts by the Celtica team on all manner of things, but mainly music. After all, that’s what you tune into Celtica Radio for, mainly. But you’ll find other things here, too, and will be able to leave a comment.

We hope to build here the Celtica community, that blog visitors will get to know each other and share their views.

I don’t want to be a bore, but do please remember that we reserve the right to delete malicious postings! That covers racism, sexism, homo and hetrophobia – you know, the usual things. But that leaves a lot you can talk about, comment on, criticise as robustly as you wish.

Enjoy the Celtica blog. We hope you’ll come back here and also keep visiting the main site for some of the best music you’ll hear.

All the best
The Moderator