Underground Edition May 18th 2012

Hello there, this is Bill Everatt here, with news about the Celtica Radio Underground Edition, Receivable Worldwide, On-line, On Digital and Mobile Wireless, and on 756 AM through the transmitters of Radio Hafren.

And in this update: –

My special guest is Paul Atkin from the Yorkshire Warriors, a group of ex Yorkshire soldiers who have decided to form a choir.

In Urban Legends, we hear the story of Bloody Mary read by Dave Carrington.

And in our “who said this?”  I’d like to know who said this; “My theory is that all of Scottish cuisine is based on a dare.”

Music wise, we have tracks from; FUNKY, Zeano, Lily Wilson, the Blue Horses and Ann Blair.

Plus I’d like to dedicate this programme to the loving memory of Geraint David Howells.

A lovely day at Hafren

This weekend, just gone, we were invited to Radio Hafren for a formal meeting, and photographic session.

Yes “We is radio stars now!”  Can anyone tell me from their experiences is it normal to have to pay the photographer there, and then with”oncers Guv!”.

I would love to thank the “Hafren Crew” for their hospitality, and the marvelous banquet that was provided. Honestly it could have fed “the five thousand”, and was really tasty.  The journey over was quite long for the “Celticaradio crew”, but the meal made up for it.

Things have moved on really well with the relationship between the two radio stations, and long may it prosper. I was in “Nirvana” in one of the studios at Hafren because the standard of the acoustics is just lovely. I felt another “alter ego” trying to break out whilst I was there, but probably “least said soonest mended”.

I would just like to say to our listeners that simple word that doesn’t seem to be heard very much in this 21st century society. That word is THANKYOU! Without your support we would be talking to ourselves until the “men in white coats” came for us. It is something I like to say to you all at least once a year publicly.

Not much more to say. The year is only just beginning to “pick up speed”. I hope the rest of the year brings you all you wish for.

Now all that is left to say is Goodbye, and may your God go with you.

Wingman Down.

Wingman Down. A song featured in my next programme, or the current, however you are listening. This song is written by Ken (Ryback) Nicholl. Ken served as a Recce Commander in the British Army. On occasion serving with NATO, a pleasure I have had here, and there.  His son James is also serving with the army in Afghanistan, doing his third tour.Ken wanted to show the people of this country, and Royal Wooton Basset, that their respect coming from a selfless emotion, was recognised, and appreciated.

He makes it clear in a statement that he does not see himself as a sensitive guy, but wanted to reach out, and say thank you to all those people who have helped, and shown respect for the memory of ‘The Fallen’ in our Armed Forces. A sentiment I want to support also.

Ken makes it clear, in his statement, that there are times when words just can’t cover all the emotions, and sentiment that we want to express. In this song the words, and the poetry go a long way to correcting this. Ken also wants to mention the American people who support their own troops, and the British troops on a daily basis. I would also like to give my thanks to the American people.

Bill Everatt will be interviewing Ken, so you will be able to hear the man himself on Bill’s show.

You can find more information, about this song, you can buy it at this address: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/wingman-down-single/id480662954.

That’s it from me except to say. Thankyou for listening, reading this missive, and making Celtica Radio a success. Goodbye, and may your God go with you.

Cookygram 1/10/2011

Hello!….Hello!….Hello!, and health to you all! Today is a special day it is Bills Birthday, so why not send him a birthday hello. Well things are going in a Northerly fashion, although my body seems to be heading in a Southerly fashion, Ahhh! the joys of getting older.

What! do you say? Age catching you up? Never! You are ageless in the world of radio. Bless you!.

Well my holiday is over, the weather was rubbish, and now I am back to work…….yes the weather has become mediterranean. It makes you want to spit doesn’t it.

The music is getting better, and better, and the standard of the artists we play is blosoming as we speak. Thanks to all you listeners who take time to let us know what you think, we always try to take notice. Thank you also for your kind comments when you think we have got it right. Bill strides up,and down, the corridor when he gets a pat on the back by you lot. Please don’t over do it he’s bossy enough.

In my programme I have placed some of the old Celtica tags, so listen out for them. They catch me out on occasion, and I sometimes think to myself I had forgotten that one. I remeber spending one afternoon doing Taz tags for people on the station. My throat hurt for a couple of days.

So I am back at it, and pleased that you want me to entertain you. It seems that alot of you like my ‘old codswollop’, and bless you for that.

Time for me to take the special cocoa that Matron makes for me, so farewell for the moment, and may your God go with you. 

Dave Cook’s Zoo.24 Aug 2011

Hello once again. I am on holiday for the next week or so. The programmes are in ‘the can’, so I can relax in the garden with ‘The Memsahib’, and a Pimms or two.

Beddowes the gardner has done stalwart work on the estate, the woodland walk, kitchen garden, main driveway and the rest of the landscaping are in their final ‘summer blush’. What the future holds for the programme will unfold as we move into autumn. All the presenters are working feverishly away at the coming autumn schedules, so listen out, and enjoy.

I am very pleased to hear from so many people, too many to name them all, telling me they love Celtica Radio. Thank you so much for taking ‘time out’ to let us know. It does make it worthwhile to hear your praise, and constructive comments. We do pay attention to them all.

Bill has been working like a ‘little demon’ on the uderground show, so don’t miss this.

I can hear ‘The Memsahib’ calling me for another Pimms, oh dear it’s a hard life.

Farewell, until the next time, and may your God go with you. Bye.