Bill Everatts Underground Edition – Sept 13th

Gareth & Chris

Back in 1992, I was privileged to interview Gerry Anderson, the creator of Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, UFO and Space 1999 as well as other TV shows.  I say privileged, because out of all of the things that influenced me as a child.  The wonderful stories which he and his talented team brought to life have stayed with me ever since…  Especially from the moment I watched the TV series Fireball XL5 in 1963 and especially Thunderbirds in 1965.  Although this was primarily a family show, the situations depicted and the noble and compassionate way the characters reacted to the problems they faced, putting themselves in danger to save others had a profound effect upon me.

Consequently, I have been a lifelong fan of Gerry Andersons work, and particularly had hoped for more episodes of Thunderbirds produced by him.  Sadly, just after Christmas 2012, Gerry died as a result of steadily worsening Alzheimer’s Disease, and like many of his fans around the world, I not only mourned his passing, but lamented that there would be no more of his FABulous creations.

How wrong could I be…

My special guest on the Underground Edition, broadcast at 8PM UK time on Friday September 13th, is Jamie Anderson, Gerry’s youngest son, and now the Head of Anderson Entertainment.  At the beginning of 2013, he confirmed that there are a whole raft of new productions created by Gerry, that will be brought to life over the coming years.

The first is Gemini Force One; my programme will specifically discuss this, along with how the Gerry Anderson legacy was discovered and where it will go from here.

One thing is certain; with this new beginning, Gerry’s song may have ended, but the story never ends.

Swansea Sound Reunion

Hello, this is Bill Everatt, on Friday June 14th I attended a really pleasant Swansea Sound reunion evening organized by my old friend and all-round Good-Guy Karl Burtonshaw!

Gareth & Chris

Pictured above are Gareth-Wyn Jones, who is still broadcasting his great Welsh language programmes on the station and Chris Harper, the stations first Breakfast Presenter and man who took Swansea Sound on air in September of 1974.  The last time I saw Chris was at a wedding in 1989 or 1990 – these days, Chris is based in Canada.  Gareth-Wyn and I see each other all the time!

Adrian & Karl

Next up its Adrian Jay, Swansea Sounds’ first Drive-time presenter who also won the award for best Independent Local Radio DJ outside London. [The London Winner was Kenny Everett] and Karl Burtonshaw.  During the course of the evening I discovered that Adrian is a guitarist [like me] of great skill [not like me] and loves the music of the Shadows [also like me!]  Karl Burtonshaw who broadcast for a number of years on Celtica Radio is also in this photo.  These days, Karl does a weekly show on the Community Radio station, Radio Tirciod.


Karl Burtonshaw and me.  We first met up in the late 1970’s on the Morriston Hospital Radio service, Radio LF and we’ve been the best of friends ever since.

Sadly absent from the evening was Bob McCord and Andy Lee [pictured below], both of whom are now no longer with us on our journey.

Andy Lee

I took this photograph of Andy on Christmas Day 1986 at the studios of Red Dragon Radio in West Canal Wharf in Cardiff.  Andy Lee worked at Swansea Sound for about the same length of time as I did [in the region of five years.]  When the post for Programme Controller at Red Dragon became vacant, Andy applied for the job and got it.   In later years Andy moved to Vienna and broadcast on the stations out there.  Sadly he suffered a Heart Attack and died in the mid-nineteen nineties.


And finally, a picture sent to me from Doreen Jenkins and Terry Mann, it doesn’t have absolutely everybody who attended on the night, but contains three generations of broadcasters in it, including me, Adrian Jay, Doreen Jenkins, Karl Burtonshaw, Clive Saddington, Steve Dewitt, Dave Bowen, Plastic Sam,  Chris Harper and DJ and nightclub installation specialist Paul Adams.

It was great to see some old friends from so long ago and lovely to make some new ones who founded the first Independent Local Radio station in Wales

Thanks to Karl Burtonshaw.

A new year.

As a new year comes around I wonder what people will have decided, or promised to do. New year resolutions we call them. So many are made, and then discarded for many reasons.

Some of us will go into this New Year leaving behind ‘loved ones’, good friends, and ‘old comrades’. As the year turns things will change, and alot will be out of our control. The families with service personnel in their group, for the time being will still worry, and be anxious about their children, brothers, sisters wives, and husbands.  As an individual we must keep them in our thoughts, and our hearts.

Some people will think back to their defeats. Some to their victories. These victories could be myriad. A child born with a Father watching the miracle unfold in front of him. A promise made, and finally seen through. A fight with some addiction now won, and a strength found to carry on. A qualificaton, hard earnt, and now to be put to use to improve someones life.

At the start of a new year, or very nearly the start, I feel it is like stepping off a ledge. This ledge will lead to a gentle slope, or at times, a steep slope. This makes the ‘roller coaster of life’. Admission to the ride is just one step. One step forward to start this ride all over again. Only our fear, or lack of resolve stops us from moving on. Changing what can be changed, for the better, or just to get away from an awful situation.

I lost my Brother in Law this year. He had Liver Cancer which led to other organs, and then to his death. We try to make sense of ‘the whys, and the wherefores’, but apart from science, and the known world things are alot like people……….unpredictable. We came from an unpredictable chemical soup, so why should we expect to be able to predict what will be.

I will remember one sunny afternoon, on a Yorkshire beach. We were all together as a family. My Brother in Law…….Stan…..had been on form all day with his ‘dry witty one liners’. We were in ‘in fits’. I think Stan knew he was making a good memory for us all. A picture was taken that day. It hangs on a wall in the house. As Stan had delivered another ‘funny line’ the photo was taken. Everyone has the biggest smile on their faces. You can see we were having so much fun. I think he wanted that, because I think he was more aware of time than any of us could conceive.

SO!…… The new year has started!  What plans have you made? Are they plans, or ‘pipedreams?’ Will they ‘bare fruit, or wither on the vine’….. Shall you become the next biggest thing?, or will you waste your chances this year? Will you climb onto the ‘rollercoaster of life’ for ‘the ride of your life?’

To take this ride you will need, a will to succeed, confidence, faith in yourself, and the price of a ticket. GO ON ! Pay the fare………… take that first step!!

If you do this, may your God go with you. Goodbye, and Happy New year!!

Well it’s been a while!!

Now for all you lovely, lovely listeners a big hello from me. I have had a holiday this year in bonny Scotland…….’awa in the highlands….och aye the Noooo!!!’. The cottage we stayed in was absolutely loverly, and the couple who own it were simply loverly too. I had forgotten how much I love Scotland, so to all the Scottish listeners it is not lost on me how beautiful Scotland is, and can be. In fact to Scotland as a nation thank you for your hospitality. While I was up there I found out my Clan affiliation. It is the clan McDonald (South). Possibly from the Island of Jura.

Now what has been happening with me other than my holiday. Well not alot. Things are ‘ticking over’, but we are growing as a radio station, thanks to all you marvellous people listeneing in to what we have to offer. The fact that we have so much to offer, and this has happened in a short time, always makes me stop and say thank you. In our lives we can experience some ‘knock backs’, but we get up and get on with life. This has been the route that Celtica has, at times, been made to follow. We always take great strength from the ‘input’ from our listeners. On occasion we meet ‘like minded’ people who talk to us, and thank goodness they help us get up, and continue. There have been times when we have wanted to say………’Soddit!’, but , shall we say, serendipity happens. We move on in a new direction, and things get better. The constant has always been you ‘the listener’. On occasion just a kind word from you, and we are ‘off like a rocket’ again. Never underestimate the boost we can get from you ‘the listeners.’

Well that is it for the moment, I hope all is well with you ‘Dear listener’. As always may your God go with you, and goodbye for now.

The Alternation – June 14th 2012

Peter Timmerman has some great new music in the latest programme in his Alternation Series…  The week he features music by LadyLau, including songs from the album Sense.

Below is the track rundown of his brand new show.

01- Abbotfinney – Girl from Arizona
02- LadyLau – Your heart will know mine
03- LadyLau – Feel
04- Alan  Morphew – Picture from a dream
05- Stephanie Adlington – My secret sin
06- Stephanie Adlington – Deeper shade of blue
07- LadyLau – See
08- Anielka – Dark water
09- Bonnie – Friday Night
10- LadyLau – Hear
11- Adriana Nova – Morning
12- LadyLau – Smell
13- Urban Ego – Higher than the Venus sun
14- LadyLau – Taste
15- Urban Angel – Bring back the love
16- LadyLau – Senses