Celtica Radio and our parent company AlBilCo MediaComm are completely independent and not members of MCPS, PRS or PPL subsidiaries or foreign counterparts.  All the music we transmit is sent to us in full knowledge of this.

By submitting your music for broadcast on Celtica Radio you are giving us permission to transmit the work you have sent and you may not demand any royalty payments from Celtica Radio if your material is airplayed by us.

Although we would love to airplay material that comes under the jurisdiction of PRS/MCPS.  However, we are not able to because their royalties costs are extortionate, their technical limitations draconian, and from our experience the whole organisation is high handed and extremist.  This is a shame, as there are many artists who rarely get airplay on commercial radio.  Not only would it generate public interest in their work, and create an income stream for the forgotten performers.  Ultimately, it is PRS that are killing music more than piracy!

Our Contact Details Are:-

Celtica Radio
Main Switchboard Telephone:- +(44) 07005 963770 then press Option 1

Further contact details can be found on the “Contact Us” Page.

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