From the Last but One Century!

This photograph would have been taken around 1870, and is of my Great-Great Grandfather; Richard [taD’Cu] Roberts.

1870-1 D'Gu Roberts

He was the local Butcher, and from stories my Grandmother told me, he was something of a ‘difficult’ person to deal with!  The shotgun is his, and he was known to have let loose a few rounds in the general direction of anybody who annoyed him…  Even the dog knew better than to antagonise him too.  The only person he was truly frightened of was his daughter, my Great-Grandmother, who like him, and many of my family had red hair.

Check out that blood chilling stare.  I’m told there is a definite family resemblance, quite what is meant by that I dread to think…

‘D’Cu, lived until well into his nineties, and was extremely active, even up to his final days.

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