NUL Point

Sometimes I just find it difficult to fathom out peoples mindsets.  And it seems to me as if the United Kingdom gets treated unfairly.  Take Eurovision for example.

Here are some facts; The United Kingdom has made 56 appearances in the contest since its début in 1957, missing only two (1956 and 1958).  The United Kingdom also holds the record for the most consecutive entries by entering every contest since 1959 making 55 consecutive entries to date.  We also contribute a significant amount of money to the overall budget.  [Which comes direct from the BBC licence fee, ie its us, the British people.]

This year, the contest was held in the immediate aftermath of the 2014 Ukrainian revolution, Russian military intervention in Ukraine, and the Russian annexation of Crimea.  Sadly, the Tolmachevy Sisters’ were booed by the audience during both the semi-finals, the final, and whenever they received double figure points for their track “Shine.”  These seventeen-year-old twins should not have been subjected to this, as they are hardly responsible for their governments actions…  Yet they received a respectable total of 89 points, and experienced no sound problems.

Contrast this with the 2003 Eurovision contest, held at the time of the Iraq War, which the UK took part in.  The UK act “Jemini” had been warned, before the contest, that they would not get any points due to the UKs involvement in the Iraq War.  They also experienced a “technical fault”, which resulted in them unable to hear the backing track.  Consequently, their performance was off-key.

How bloody convenient…  The UK got NUL Point.

So, to Recap, Russia undertakes direct military intervention, and in an international song contest they score 89 and the act experiences no technical problems.  Yet, the UK participates in a military intervention, their act experiences a “technical fault” which directly affects their performance and scores Zero!

How smart-arse, and hypocritical international opinion is…  Didn’t their mothers tell them that nobody likes a smart arse, or a hypocrite.  I don’t care who this upsets, the truth hurts.  Nought out of ten for credibility kids…

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