A new year.

As a new year comes around I wonder what people will have decided, or promised to do. New year resolutions we call them. So many are made, and then discarded for many reasons.

Some of us will go into this New Year leaving behind ‘loved ones’, good friends, and ‘old comrades’. As the year turns things will change, and alot will be out of our control. The families with service personnel in their group, for the time being will still worry, and be anxious about their children, brothers, sisters wives, and husbands.  As an individual we must keep them in our thoughts, and our hearts.

Some people will think back to their defeats. Some to their victories. These victories could be myriad. A child born with a Father watching the miracle unfold in front of him. A promise made, and finally seen through. A fight with some addiction now won, and a strength found to carry on. A qualificaton, hard earnt, and now to be put to use to improve someones life.

At the start of a new year, or very nearly the start, I feel it is like stepping off a ledge. This ledge will lead to a gentle slope, or at times, a steep slope. This makes the ‘roller coaster of life’. Admission to the ride is just one step. One step forward to start this ride all over again. Only our fear, or lack of resolve stops us from moving on. Changing what can be changed, for the better, or just to get away from an awful situation.

I lost my Brother in Law this year. He had Liver Cancer which led to other organs, and then to his death. We try to make sense of ‘the whys, and the wherefores’, but apart from science, and the known world things are alot like people……….unpredictable. We came from an unpredictable chemical soup, so why should we expect to be able to predict what will be.

I will remember one sunny afternoon, on a Yorkshire beach. We were all together as a family. My Brother in Law…….Stan…..had been on form all day with his ‘dry witty one liners’. We were in ‘in fits’. I think Stan knew he was making a good memory for us all. A picture was taken that day. It hangs on a wall in the house. As Stan had delivered another ‘funny line’ the photo was taken. Everyone has the biggest smile on their faces. You can see we were having so much fun. I think he wanted that, because I think he was more aware of time than any of us could conceive.

SO!…… The new year has started!  What plans have you made? Are they plans, or ‘pipedreams?’ Will they ‘bare fruit, or wither on the vine’….. Shall you become the next biggest thing?, or will you waste your chances this year? Will you climb onto the ‘rollercoaster of life’ for ‘the ride of your life?’

To take this ride you will need, a will to succeed, confidence, faith in yourself, and the price of a ticket. GO ON ! Pay the fare………… take that first step!!

If you do this, may your God go with you. Goodbye, and Happy New year!!

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