Well it’s been a while!!

Now for all you lovely, lovely listeners a big hello from me. I have had a holiday this year in bonny Scotland…….’awa in the highlands….och aye the Noooo!!!’. The cottage we stayed in was absolutely loverly, and the couple who own it were simply loverly too. I had forgotten how much I love Scotland, so to all the Scottish listeners it is not lost on me how beautiful Scotland is, and can be. In fact to Scotland as a nation thank you for your hospitality. While I was up there I found out my Clan affiliation. It is the clan McDonald (South). Possibly from the Island of Jura.

Now what has been happening with me other than my holiday. Well not alot. Things are ‘ticking over’, but we are growing as a radio station, thanks to all you marvellous people listeneing in to what we have to offer. The fact that we have so much to offer, and this has happened in a short time, always makes me stop and say thank you. In our lives we can experience some ‘knock backs’, but we get up and get on with life. This has been the route that Celtica has, at times, been made to follow. We always take great strength from the ‘input’ from our listeners. On occasion we meet ‘like minded’ people who talk to us, and thank goodness they help us get up, and continue. There have been times when we have wanted to say………’Soddit!’, but , shall we say, serendipity happens. We move on in a new direction, and things get better. The constant has always been you ‘the listener’. On occasion just a kind word from you, and we are ‘off like a rocket’ again. Never underestimate the boost we can get from you ‘the listeners.’

Well that is it for the moment, I hope all is well with you ‘Dear listener’. As always may your God go with you, and goodbye for now.

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A veteran in more way's than one - Secret Squirrel has got nothing on this "Cooky." Cooky originally hails from Yorkshire, [and is on, in his words "missionary work!"] Cooky has also presented and co-produced programmes and commercials for other radio networks in the United Kingdom too. Fresh from the room with springy walls, you never know what he is going to say next what's more, neither does he!!!!!! From Cooky....It all started when I left the RAF and met this Bill Everatt 'chappy'. Then the old 'cherry' of a line Cooky want to finance a radio station on the 'net'? Then......... well if you could squeeze another thousand for the squeaky buzzy whirring thing, oh! and the light flashing loud noise machine type thing! The fact is I fell for it!! I invested in the talent base we had, and still invest in them. These people make the radio station sound the way it does. You lucky people!! Hear Cooky rant and rave in Dave Cook's Zoo. Cooky is also active in a re-enactment society called Allied Forces Movement Control.

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