A lovely day at Hafren

This weekend, just gone, we were invited to Radio Hafren for a formal meeting, and photographic session.

Yes “We is radio stars now!”  Can anyone tell me from their experiences is it normal to have to pay the photographer there, and then with”oncers Guv!”.

I would love to thank the “Hafren Crew” for their hospitality, and the marvelous banquet that was provided. Honestly it could have fed “the five thousand”, and was really tasty.  The journey over was quite long for the “Celticaradio crew”, but the meal made up for it.

Things have moved on really well with the relationship between the two radio stations, and long may it prosper. I was in “Nirvana” in one of the studios at Hafren because the standard of the acoustics is just lovely. I felt another “alter ego” trying to break out whilst I was there, but probably “least said soonest mended”.

I would just like to say to our listeners that simple word that doesn’t seem to be heard very much in this 21st century society. That word is THANKYOU! Without your support we would be talking to ourselves until the “men in white coats” came for us. It is something I like to say to you all at least once a year publicly.

Not much more to say. The year is only just beginning to “pick up speed”. I hope the rest of the year brings you all you wish for.

Now all that is left to say is Goodbye, and may your God go with you.

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