Wingman Down.

Wingman Down. A song featured in my next programme, or the current, however you are listening. This song is written by Ken (Ryback) Nicholl. Ken served as a Recce Commander in the British Army. On occasion serving with NATO, a pleasure I have had here, and there.  His son James is also serving with the army in Afghanistan, doing his third tour.Ken wanted to show the people of this country, and Royal Wooton Basset, that their respect coming from a selfless emotion, was recognised, and appreciated.

He makes it clear in a statement that he does not see himself as a sensitive guy, but wanted to reach out, and say thank you to all those people who have helped, and shown respect for the memory of ‘The Fallen’ in our Armed Forces. A sentiment I want to support also.

Ken makes it clear, in his statement, that there are times when words just can’t cover all the emotions, and sentiment that we want to express. In this song the words, and the poetry go a long way to correcting this. Ken also wants to mention the American people who support their own troops, and the British troops on a daily basis. I would also like to give my thanks to the American people.

Bill Everatt will be interviewing Ken, so you will be able to hear the man himself on Bill’s show.

You can find more information, about this song, you can buy it at this address:

That’s it from me except to say. Thankyou for listening, reading this missive, and making Celtica Radio a success. Goodbye, and may your God go with you.

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Wingman Down. — 2 Comments

  1. Its James, Ken’s son. A big thank you goes to you and your team at Celtica Radio, your support for the troops and the Tribute song has been amazing.

    Have no doubt that I will be spread the word around the lads within the battalion about Celtica Radio, fitting that we 1st Battalion the Rifles have just been given the honor of being the first English battalion to be given the Freedom of a Welsh town and Celtica Radio a Welsh Radio station is giving the song the most amazing support.

    Once again thank you kindly,

    James Nicholl (JCC)