Dave Cook’s Zoo.24 Aug 2011

Hello once again. I am on holiday for the next week or so. The programmes are in ‘the can’, so I can relax in the garden with ‘The Memsahib’, and a Pimms or two.

Beddowes the gardner has done stalwart work on the estate, the woodland walk, kitchen garden, main driveway and the rest of the landscaping are in their final ‘summer blush’. What the future holds for the programme will unfold as we move into autumn. All the presenters are working feverishly away at the coming autumn schedules, so listen out, and enjoy.

I am very pleased to hear from so many people, too many to name them all, telling me they love Celtica Radio. Thank you so much for taking ‘time out’ to let us know. It does make it worthwhile to hear your praise, and constructive comments. We do pay attention to them all.

Bill has been working like a ‘little demon’ on the uderground show, so don’t miss this.

I can hear ‘The Memsahib’ calling me for another Pimms, oh dear it’s a hard life.

Farewell, until the next time, and may your God go with you. Bye.

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