Dave Cook’s Zoo 15th Aug 2011

Hello everybody, thanks for listening to my show, and of course Celtica Radio. I am always pleasantly surprised when I get a chance to sit back, and realise that people want to listen to my ‘load of old rubbish’ I call the Dave Cook’s Zoo. Your responses make it all worthwhile for me, as it does with the other presenters.

It has once again been a period of progress for Celtica Radio. Moving onto the Medium wave, I always think when we say the medium wave that we should all be sitting round a table holding hands chanting……..’ is there anybody there!’ Since we became involved with Radio Hafren we have taken on a new energy, and thanks to all our listeners there, and to all our internet listeners we have found through this a new strength to carry on. I bet you didn’t think you could make that much differenc to an organisation, but you have………’fer sure, fer sure it’s clean clear to Flagtown c’mon!’

So what’s in store for you the ‘Good listener?’ Well we have all been ‘cogitating our navels’, although Bill did get moved on in Cardiff for doing his cogitating in public.

He is so precocious, and at times ‘slack Alice’ about such things. We are receiving so many airplay requests from bands, and single artists that we are literally spoilt for choice, and as I always say with this kind of music…’ who would want to turn the dial?’

Lookout for a track from the ‘Blue Horses’, a Welsh band that will be playing on my ‘upcoming’ show this week. The track is called  ‘In Flanders Field’. This song is dedicated to the memory of The Fallen of World War One. This is something close to my heart, and we should all be grateful to these men.

The band uses Celtic themes mixed into a rock and roll spirit that, in turn, charges them into producing some ‘mind blowing’ improvisations. This in turn gives them the means to produce a truly unique hybrid sound not to be missed. They are fronted by Gothess Lizzy Prendergast (who is loverley to look at, but after the event I have to lie down in a darkened room, with vinegar cloths on my legs, and a nurse on standby). The band also is influenced by her co-founder, and co writer Nic Waulker.

They formed in the 1990’s working hard to form there unique sound, and now it is ‘paying off’. This is a band to watch in the future. They could easily become famous, and then it’ll be a ‘Fiver to talk to them’.

Also ‘listen out’ for Luke Aaron Clark. A new voice on the ‘airwaves’. Luke has been working hard on his productions to ‘hone his style’ for the listener. He ‘hales from’ Brighton, but he could be in Paris, London, Istanbul……….he get’s about a bit. I did when I was younger, but that was because we were always one step ahead of the rentman. I hope that’s not the reason for him ‘being on the go!’. The track you’ll hear from Luke is called ‘You’. I feel sure we will hear alot more from Aaron in the future.

Well that’s it for the moment. I wish you well, and I would like to leave you with this saying from Confusious a third century philosopher……..’Man with hole in pocky can feel cocky. Man with two hole in pocky cannot feel two cocky! Man with three hole in pocky is downright over ambitious!!!!!

Bye for now, and may your God go with you. Ta!!

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A veteran in more way's than one - Secret Squirrel has got nothing on this "Cooky." Cooky originally hails from Yorkshire, [and is on, in his words "missionary work!"] Cooky has also presented and co-produced programmes and commercials for other radio networks in the United Kingdom too. Fresh from the room with springy walls, you never know what he is going to say next what's more, neither does he!!!!!! From Cooky....It all started when I left the RAF and met this Bill Everatt 'chappy'. Then the old 'cherry' of a line Cooky want to finance a radio station on the 'net'? Then......... well if you could squeeze another thousand for the squeaky buzzy whirring thing, oh! and the light flashing loud noise machine type thing! The fact is I fell for it!! I invested in the talent base we had, and still invest in them. These people make the radio station sound the way it does. You lucky people!! Hear Cooky rant and rave in Dave Cook's Zoo. Cooky is also active in a re-enactment society called Allied Forces Movement Control.

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