Celtica Radio is Eleven years old today!

This last year has been an extremely interesting one for our station; a couple of our long term members’ decided to leave and several new voices join our network including Nick K, our first overseas presenter.

However, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the biggest events of recent years has been the association with Radio Hafren.

The story stretches back to Christmas with this cryptic Blog posting.  At the time, we felt that it would be prudent not to publicise that our station was a supporter of Radio Hafren.  Over the years, members of Celtica Radio, have been privately threatened over our continued public highlighting of the constructive exclusion we have faced.  We have had threats of jeopardy to our broadcasting careers if we continued to speak out, and these threats were made by senior managerial staff of other commercial radio stations.

We have no idea of how many other influential managerial staff of commercial radio stations actively pursue this prejudice, but some ARE still active in UK media.  It’s an inconvenient and embarrassing fact, but it’s not something that should be airbrushed from history, so we tell it here…

Clearly, given this hidden agenda, the last thing we wanted to do was to have Radio Hafrens’ association with us create problems for them.  So we resolved to quietly work in the background, assisting in the production of programming which would ensure the transfer of the broadcasting licence to Radio Hafren.  In turn, the owners of Radio Hafren have been very encouraging, and kindly agreed to allow us to keep our on-air identity in the programmes they syndicate from us.  Needless to say it is a privilege to provide them with continued support and to assist them in compliance with the OfCom promise of performance.

Celtica Radio has always been keen on the promotion of the Welsh language, and we’re proud to be the producers of Ser-am Saith for Radio Hafren, presented by our own Alun-Wyn Dafis.

Since we started broadcasting on 756kHz Medium Wave, we have received renewed interest in our station and our internet audience figures are steadily rising too.  Plus, it was a real shot in the arm when we started getting reception reports from our Medium Wave broadcasts.  The furthest to date is some sixteen kilometres south of Amsterdam, many hundreds of miles away from the one kilo-watt medium wave transmitter in Newtown, Powys.

Above all these last twelve months have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Celtica Radio can make, deliver and sustain a quality alternative radio service; and co-exist with established commercial radio, and that such a service would enrich the choice of listeners wherever and whenever they tune in.  All we asked was a chance to prove it, and thanks to Thomas Pain and Alistair Tyne we have been given that chance.

Celtica Radio – Not bad for a station that the pundits said wouldn’t last three months after we launched on June 21st 2000!

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  1. Happy Birthday CelticaRadio. Worth a try if Jack has broken your Heart, the Magic has gone and you think Capital is a daft name outside Ldn

    David Nolan via Twitter

  2. Congratulations to all the members of Celtica radio. May you have another eleven years reaching to higher heights. Well done once again.

    Dean 😀