Celtica Radio – 756

From Midnight tonight Celtica Radio will be broadcasting our programmes on the medium wave.  For two hours nightly we will be syndicating our shows on Mid Wales’ new local radio station, Radio Hafren.

A couple of years ago we experimented with transmitting on the Medium Wave using the facilities of the supportive mainland European Broadcaster Radio Seagull/Radio Waddenzee.  The transmissions took advantage of the atmospheric effects that the Medium Wave or AM band is subject to late at night.  These characteristics ensured that the broadcasts could be received throughout most of Central Europe and the East Coast of the UK.

I’m so very grateful to Radio Hafren for giving us this opportunity and the owners themselves for supporting us… We’ve spent eleven long years working to get our shows broadcast on UK radio.  Not only will it bring our programmes to a whole new audience of late night listeners in Mid Wales and further afield. But as our material is syndicated during the hours of darkness, we will no doubt pick up what are known as DX, or distance, listeners as well.

As usual all our shows will also be available on-line to download or to listen again for one week to one month after the initial broadcast.

For me, Radio Hafren electing to take our syndicated shows on a nightly basis is a personal triumph, and a testament to the loyal and talented team of presenters it has been my privilege to represent since 1997.

So what’s going to be so special about these new shows then? I hear you ask?  What sort of value are they going to add?  Well…  Actually, the answer is in Celtica Radios origins, and the programmes we have been making and broadcasting across the world for the last eleven years.

Our station was born out of the very human condition of defiance and tenacity in defeat…  One of the things we were, and still are, very passionate about, is the fundamentally important role of broadcasters to champion new and unsigned and independent artists.

Thomas Pain, joint owner of Radio Hafren said:- “We’ve had an excellent relationship with Celtica Radio since January, and like us they have the same business ethos and local broadcasting values.  Plus they have already produced popular shows for us in both English and Welsh.  Indeed, the programmes produced by Celtica actually assisted in the transferring by Ofcom of our broadcast licence, so we know that we’ve got a tried and tested product already accepted by the regulator.”


Celtica Radio – 756 — 7 Comments

  1. Great News, Bill!
    We have been making a few appearances here and there in Georgia, USA. There are some other well known artists that are interested in recording some of my songs. Lord knows I have enough of them. Since I’m a songwriter FIRST, that is music to my ears. I am very glad that people enjoy my songs, but, more importantly, I am glad that guys like you give us Independent Artists a shot to get them out there. I believe that your show has definitely opened up some doors for me. Thanks a lot for all your help. Hopefully, I can stop by and see you when Tammy and I vacation in UK and Ireland during September. That would be a real treat for us.


    “Never underestimate the power of a song”


  2. I wish you well in your venture and i hope one day i see your station on an FM band!

    Kind regards,
    John the Dentist

  3. Hi Bill , you do have the most beautiful voice for radio !
    Thank you for your support with Caravan and as always I wish you the huge success you so rightly deserve..
    Lots of love
    JJ Cane xx

  4. Hello Bill,

    That’s good news. Funnily enough I was listening to Radio Hafren online last Saturday evening. They were playing the Gumbay Dance Band’s Seven Tears, a cheesy old number but still the sort of thing that raises a smile – and to think I also listen to Radio 3!

    Celtica is probably already in the right place for the future, since whatever happens to conventional radio the internet is going to be a big part of future audio broadcasting. Nonetheless, and certainly at the present time, it helps to have a coventional outlet to raise awareness. Who knows, other small stations in different parts of the UK might like to follow Hafren’s example and you could find yourselves widely syndicated?

    Good luck with this latest chapter in the Celtica Radio story, and Happy Easter!

    Best regards,

    David Nolan

  5. Well done Bill , and everyone connected to Celtica ! it’s been a long time coming , and the work and the faith you have put in has been amazing !! congratulations . Gareth Anstee.

  6. This is such good news Bill.

    You deserve every stroke of luck that comes your way, and you are the living example of what my once boss Gary Player used to say ……… the more I work at it, the luckier I get ………… May Celtica with Hafren go from strength to strength

    With best possible wishes

    John Grierson