New Music Radio Show & Underground Edition – April 2010

Andrew John has a bumper length New Music Radio Show running to nearly ninety minutes this month featuring all the recent additions to the Celtica Radio Playlist.

Playlist tracks are:
Michael Behm – It’s My Time
Guido Mayer – Mechanix
Tim Gleeson – Right Here
The Myst – Too much beauty
Marbin – Mei
Shimeon – Sweet Love
Cat Blay – I Need You
Chris Summerill – Under The Sun
Andy Crawford – All Eyes On You
Ginger Otitis & The Sedimentary Brains – Only TV on your mind
Precyse – The Rain
The Pocket Gods – Trailer Park On Mars
Wilfred N and the Grown Men – Gotta Be Great To Be Good
Auto Pilot – Deeper Space (Right Stuff Mix)

Plus Bill Everatt will shortly be broadcasting the April update of the Underground Edition.

This month Bills special guest is the singer and songwriter Amy Rachman and Bill will be linking up with her from her home studio in New York City.  The Urban Legends tale features a place a little closer to home, just outside Swansea in fact, and is called Two Lonely Travellers.

We also have another chance to hear Andrew John and the Chronicles of Little Bibbling under Flossock.  No doubt it can’t have escaped your notice that a certain Doctor has become prominent on our TV sets of late.  But the folk of Little Bibbling under Flossock remember when the old one resigned and the search was on for a new one.  As often happens, events in that strange little hamlet uncannily reflect what’s happening in our own world, as we saw when this episode was first broadcast in November 2008, and we introduced our short-lived reporter, Elvis Twinge.  It’s odd how the world of Little Bibbling under Flossock always seems bigger on the inside than on the outside…

And in our “who said this?”  I’d like to know who said this; “A child of five would understand this. Send someone to fetch a child of five.”  So, who said that?

Playlist Tracks are:
Chris Summerill – Under The Sun
Simon Star – Stellar
Andy Crawford – Shoot Me Down
Hayley Griffiths – Our Love
Slave to the Squarewave – The Last Day
Ryan Helman – Falling
Precyse – When I See You
Richard Gilpin – A Man of 33
Marbin – Abadaba
Auto Pilot – Deeper Space (Right Stuff Mix)
The Venue – Future
Blue Horses – Witch in Wedlock

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