Continental Breakfast – Jan 25th 2010

Join Ed Risby for a brand new helping of ninety minutes of feel good radio with new releases and golden oldies from the Celtica Playlist.  Plus some news stories to make you smile.  And by popular demand from our South Wales listeners, some Whats-Ons in and around the Bridgend area.

The programme also contains a Cinema review written by Alyson Charnock.

Music this month from;
Ryan Helman – Ericas Garden
Finlay Morton – Billy Bird
Hitchcock – Katie
Sheryl – Playtime at Dusk (harp)
Lawrence Cresswell – Trade Winds (Great Horizons)
Flav Martin & Arrowhead – Something Like Sorry
Hotel Brown – Canada
The Anonymous Scribes – Go Away
The Alice Rose – Ocean
The Ketch Harbour Wolves – Animals
Byron Keith Taylor – Just One Kiss
Andrew McFayden – My Kindly Maiden
Michelle Carter-Leis – Lies
Robert Nix – Torture
Suzanne Stamford – The One For Me Remember

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