Dave Cook’s Zootime Rant. The last one “time to move on”

In the last programme of my series Dave Cook’s Zootime “Rants” I may have made the listeners ears bleed, but it was heart felt stuff.

Now I feel that I need to move onto other things, and bring something in the way of interesting things from history, with hopefully, an interesting turn to them.  Rants are fine, but you can have too much of a good thing.

Before I do that I would like to point out some things I mentioned in the programme that are looking like coming true:

I predicted that we would find out that all of our MP’s were money grabbing parasites, and we saw a lot of information that made our toes curl as the truth was slowly leaked out.  I also mentioned that there would be a hung parliament, and just lately we have seen all parties preparing for such a problem, to them, but not us.  Mentioned also was just what bankers would do with the money and what the investigation would find out.  That was nothing, and an inconclusive summation rather than a finding.  On top of this I suggested that the Parliament would do nothing, and what has happened? Well we now know.

I put to you also that MP’s would find another way to get these allowances, and that investigations, and judgements would be full of holes for them to get at this cash.  Well it has started with Nicholson saying that he felt that MP’s should not be prevented from employing relatives……here we go again!!

In this programme I stated that Gordon Brown was finished, and he knew it. Just in the past few days we have seen MP’s attempting to get him ousted.  This was not successful because the MP’s who can get him removed want it to happen when they say so, and not before.

Moving onto things American I prophesised that President Obama would do nothing to stop, or break the American dream.  Witness the latest climate talks, and the haste in which he signed some non binding notional statement, and then got the hell out of Dodge.  Of course he is not going to tell Mr America his dream has now come to an end.  Oh! He’ll posture, and make the right sounds, but the suits will make sure he gets the message.

I ask you could you see an America that has not got all the right weapons in the arsenal, and all the flashy equipment and cars.  Not on Abraham Lincolns bottom Dollar you won’t.  Protectionism is the way ahead and the rest of Europe is following suit, but guess what.  The man from the manse is still going to sign up to all sorts of things that we will have to swallow whole, and keep paying for.

Look forward to Dave Cook’s Zootime ‘Freedom- history’s legacy’.

Thank you for listening.  I hope you’ll continue to listen to the “All New Dave Cooks’ Zoo!”

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