More New Shows for January 2010

The New Music Radio Show.
Andrew John returns with the January 2010 edition of the New Music Radio Show.  This month’s latest additions to the playlist include;
Auto-Pilot – Seventeen
Catherine Duc – One Autumn Day
Jacquescoley – Can This Black Man Sing The Blues
Druyd – Magic Wood
The Rainbow Worm Factory – Don’t Lie To Me, Brutus!
Cagle & Nash – Pick Up the Phone
Riley Weston – If I Said Howdy To You
The Mighty Regis – Celtic Storm
Daddy M Cross – Happy Birthday
Damian James – Mean Things
Jarrett Fenlon – Sprung
Steve Larkman – A Certain Kind Of Rock And Roll


Boogie Locomotive
Also, KC Jones fires up the engine for the first of the 2010 trips on the Boogie Locomotive…  This month’s journey on the footplate features songs by;
A Warrior Nation – Superstar
Band With No iMage & Ms.X – Give It
Insufficient Funds – Zoot Suit Riot
Cody Stagefright – Got Soul
Jimbeau Walsh – Change of Heart with Yvonne Elliman
God Made Me Funky – Peace Love
Plunky & Oneness – Drop
Isaac Angel – Come Away – The -O- Radio Mix
Chevrolet – All You Need
Universe – LA Jam
Deuce – Baby Baby (I Need Your Love)
Chichino – It Could Happen To You (radio edit)
Soul Connection – Singled Out By Love
Katie Morgan – Wind of Change
Trey Alexander – Fried Chicken

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