New Programmes – November 2009

Boogie Locomotive

KC Jones has just produced a brand new edition of the Boogie Locomotive featuring some new releases from Auto-Pilot and the Dead Russian Actors.

Playlist Tracks:
Blue Zoo – Only for You
Dead Russian Actors – Rant Song
Douye’ – Fly Away
Temple Hedz – Breath Of Life
The Roast – Get Back On Ya Feet
The FunKtion – Tell Mama
Aaron Winters – Lovin’ Livin’
Bermuda Triangle – Fearless
Evan Goodrow / EGB – Blues, Blues, Blues
8traC – Uniform
Ben Willmott – What Drives You
Cadillac Moon – What’s Right With This Picture
James Scanlon – Funk-Give Me More
Funkilinium – You’ll Never Find
Auto-Pilot – End of Time


The Automatic Rock Show

After a break of a few months, the Automatic Rock Show returns with the finest Metal in a non-stop music format.

Playlist tracks;
Coal Dust – Out of Control
Robert Jackson – Gypsy In The Night
Subsequence – Into The Ashes
Motherboard – The Girl Who Has Everything
Broken Manika – Who is Dot?
Our Funeral Forgotten – The Kind You Find At Night
Phonic Rapture – The Entertainer
Radio Edit – Come To The USA
KID BLUDO – Up & Away
This Alltime Low – Cuts
10 Reasons To Live – Pretty Girls
Novello – The Lawman
Plastilinovy JiNN – Oglaynis

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