Underground Edition – November 2009

Hello there, this is Bill Everatt, with news about the Celtica Radio Underground Edition, On-Line and Podcased for November 2009.

And in this update:
My special guest is Emma Gillespie, and I’ll be talking to her, and we hear a live session of her music all supplied from the studios of Up Next Records. Attached are some photos taken while Emma played the final song of the set.

img_4431.JPG  img_4418.JPG

Our Urban Legends feature is called Bloody Mary and is read for us by our own Dave Carrington.

Andrew John reports about the BBC’s intention to tone down swearwords and such, even after the watershed.

And in our “who said this?” I’d like to know who said this; “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” So, who said that, any Idea? I’ll give you the answer at the end of the show.

Music wise, we have tracks from;
Mancini – Up Country
Richard Gilpin – Levalland
Tee-M – New Orleans
White Owl – Cunla
K-Diff Syndicate – Misty Morning
Jenne Lennon – Bonny Portmore
LAF – Summer Rain
Airiel Down – Wasted
Red i – Misty fields
Xcedera – Let Me Know
Peter Farrell – Every Day
Ludwig Amadeus – God Only Knows My Shoe Size

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