Footsteps – October 5th 2009

Presented from the Vicarage in Weston-Super-Mare, by Keith Berry-Davies; covering faith and ethical issues.

This update Keith discusses the changing views on euthanasia in the UK at the moment:  A recent opinion poll in the Times newspaper shows that 74 percent of people want doctors to be allowed to help terminally ill people to end their lives.  Furthermore, with the Royal College of Nursing dropping its opposition to assisted suicide and now taking a neutral position; Keith asks, is everyone just turning a blind eye to it?

Recently, a news item reported that new research has revealed children tend to keep their experiences of seeing angels to themselves, for fear of being ridiculed by adults.  Many children claim to see angels at night as well as other religious experiences, but are often met with disbelief by the adults that they share their experiences with.  More on this, in the programme.

Book Reviews of “Gods Philosophers” by James Hannam, and “Quiet Gardens,” the roots of faith?  By Susan Bowden-Pickstock which asks the question, “Should we hear God in our gardens?”

With music from:-
Altared Worship – Let Me Fly
Finchley – This Journey
Yaatri – In the Company of Angels
Circle of Faith – Reaching for Heaven
Leigh Phillips – Freefall
Doug Gay – Wash Me Clean
Colleen Brown – A Mystery
Ashley Reynolds – Through the Eyes of Christ
Common Destiny – If I had not Love
Paul and Beulah Shields – All my days

Plus a meditation.

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