Specialist Music Shows for June 2009

KC Jones on the Boogie Locomotive plays some great Funk and Boogie as well as new additions to the Playlist.

Tracks in this months update are; –
+Spanx T. Urquhart – Many Reasons
Colin McKay – Love for sale
Choc – We Need The Funk
Blud Kunnektion – My Lustful Temptation
Mr Bertus – Rude Boy Dreams ft Mr Diamond
Chinese Fingertrap – Nim Chimpski
Jimbeau Walsh – Change of Heart with Yvonne Elliman vocal
The Roast – Get Back On Ya Feet
Extended Family – Rollercoaster
DJ Explorer – L Is For Love
The Kamen – Never Again
Band With No iMage – + Ms.X – Give It
Dead Russian Actors – The Last Time


Also JL returns to his home on Celtica Radio International with The Vybe, which mixes some of the greatest groves on the planet with JLs unique sense of humour.  Branded as one of the best shows of its type on the radio, in this edition JL profiles JONAS a soul singer from Denmark who talks to JL about his latest album WAITT and what it was like to work with OMAR and his brother the SCRATCH PROFESSOR.  With eclectic music from around the globe JLs Vybe is essential listening to brighten your day!


Work as if you don’t need the money,
Smile as if the sun always shines,
Love as if you have never been hurt,
Dance as if no one is watching.

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