Butler Williams – Rebecca Joy Sharp, Tammy Hermann and Zoe Mulford @ For Folk Sake – Cup – Manchester


Create a vacuum and something good or questionable must fill It, so goes the law of the Universe and Manchester is no exception to this rule.  However, Shudder not for tonights acts prove once again that this city continues to happily host and ooze experimental talent equally comparable to that of any other.

‘If a picture can paint a thousand words’ then how many genres can a stage full of eclectic instruments suggest. Well judging by the presence of Harp, Banjo, Theremin, several guitars, double bass, an assortment of percussion instruments, we are in for an interesting and revealing night! First on-stage is troubadour- Zoe Mulford. Her short stories and striking observations are a delight. As are her Banjo and guitar driven, melodically sung narratives.

Complementing this performance perfectly, we have folk/ pop artist-Tammy Hermann and a multitude of friends also known as- Samson and Delilah-stand up bass, supporting vocals, piano and guitar. Tammy’s performance is a full on lyrical assortment of thoughtful, evocative songs delivered by a writer of exceptional ability and future potential.

No stone is left unturned by tonight’s eloquent host- (Sophie ?) and the appreciative audience are smiling, relaxed and fully entertained, as am I…

Next on-stage are the experimental and charismatic duo- Butler Williams. Talented percussionist, writer and songster Chris Butler employs a unique range instruments such as- Theremin, xylophone and melodica and does it very well indeed. Butler Williams- Chris and Noel are an intriguing, amusing and thoroughly enjoyable act in the throws of a promising future. The audience appear to be fully aware of this and show it by applauding vigorously in between jokes, songs, musings and mind boggling displays of instrumental craftsmanship.

Our final performer tonight is the very wonderful- Rebecca Joy Sharp. Her Harp, her words and voice are an absolute joy to listen to. Song-The Stars Got Stuck is remarkably poignant and startlingly striking in it’s delivery and instrumentation. The stark wording set against a delightful shower of chimes, harmonics and soaring chord progressions is utterly beguiling and a perfect way to end a thoroughly enjoyable night.

Jim Sutherland 2009


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