New Programme Updates for April 2009

Boogie Locomotive
KC Jones, the BoogieMan plays music from;-
Urban Funk Ordinance – Zulu Nation
Spatial Unity – Dreams Come True
IreneB – Forgive Me Now
Carlton Thomas – Only Way Is Up
Allyssa Jones – Use Me
Natubella – TDG
Blue Zoo – New Groove
The FunKtion – Tell Mama
Elpis – Probably
Bermuda Triangle – It feels good
Kali-Mist – Whispers from the underground
Temple Hedz – Breath Of Life
And Rakk – Disco Never Died

Squaring the Circle
Dave Carrington features short stories of unpublished or independent writers.  This month, Dave presents: – The Doppelganger, adapted from a story by H. Pease and read by Bill Everatt. Plus the Battle-Omen, adapted from a Short Story by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

The New Music Radio Show
Andrew John with brand new additions to the Playlist for April 2009, including;-
Band with No iMage + Ms.X – Give It
Friday Nights – Hey Jeremy
Edward Null – River of Time
Migrating Birds – Fearless
Mercurious – Trigger
WildCat – Nothing’s Fresh
Hilary Weaver – It Can’t Be With You
Laurel Wiley – Endless
Dan Crisp – Hollywood
Mark Northfield – Waiting For Green
Kotadama – See You Tonight
And Rory Flynn – At Ease

The Automatic Rock Show Returns!
Non-Stop Celtic Rock from our studios in the heart of Wales.  This update features music from;-
Exile Parade – Still Number One
Plastilinovy JiNN – Mirage
Tawn – Smile! If You Know What’s Good For You
Stonegarth – Sing Silence
Flav Martin and Arrowhead – Lost To All
Grand Volume – Fire Come Soon
Recoup – Remind You
Zeano – Waiting For the Feeling
Fractured Persona – Why are we Why?
Ricky D and The Red Flames – That’s The Way It Is
Phonic Rapture – The Entertainer
Shmutt – Toy Boy
And From Mars – Who is David David?

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