Tuscaloosa by Alyson Greenfield


Let’s talk of unforgivable human interaction. Interesting metaphors, musing in solitude, eloquent examples of lyrical buoyancy and sensibility; minimalist serenity, serio-comic sensationalism, luminous production, spiky observation, roots rhythms; fresh melodies of substance, which are occupied by a grounded, rounded and articulate voice; take all of this into account and you will almost certainly get an idea of what this album conveys. Phew…

Opening track, Tuscaloosa is a stark, dark but appropriately augmented affair considering it’s topic of choice. Song two beautifully glides and weaves in and out of variable vocal, instrumental notation and tempo. Stand out track – Human Behaviour is hauntingly uplifting and manages to fill an infinite mind space. Listen to this while night driving and you will understand what I mean. Do pay attention though; the song has the ability to relax the listener a little too much!

Offering number four cleverly borrows from unfortunate siblings – Jack and Jill. Intrigued…take a listen, empathise then tumble unhurt into song five, get up onto your feet and dance for ‘The Young Girl in the Music World’. ‘Sometimes I’ would like to become an instrument, Alyson has chosen to be a Glockenspiel, join her folks and lose ‘yourself’ in intensity and brooding expectation.

Understand the Sky is sublime, the sky is sublime and so is the sea. I will never really understand them but from now on, I will attempt to consider their meaning more carefully. Final songs, ‘Johnny’ and ‘Chiapas’ appear to be contemplative explorations of wants and needs. They are audio-visual and lyrical journeys of regret, longing and human decency, which in terms of emotional, human value systems; the songs sit somewhere between a deep sense of what is right with and what is not across the broad spectrum of human values and relationships.

Overall, this is a genuine and thoroughly engrossing piece of artistry that smacks of good things to come. Congratulations…

Jim Sutherland 2008

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