Shimeon “Masquerade”

Shimeon “Masquerade”

It’s pronounced… Shimmeon. An interesting debut from Manchester’s newest independent production company: Re- Interpreted Performance Records. A bit long winded but a sensible moniker considering the stable of future releases, this being their first..

Shimeon rocks and rolls about in country balladeering mode with very little owed to his American cousins. There is a shade of the line-dancing ethos within his musicianship which is nevertheless, commercially mature and thoughtful. Lyrically poetic and loving but also jocular and tongue in cheek as with ‘Radio Song’, a memorable, choppy and jolly piece of pop-fluff. Future single, ‘Just What I do’ is a thigh slapper of a ye ha stab at country-pop with articulate production and accomplished musicianship.

Other tracks on here are Eagles induced and feel a little Jim Croce in parts. ‘Baby Oh Baby’ is more deep voiced spaoken word, almost prophetic in it’s delivery as is ‘One Day You Will Remember Me’. This is teasingly sentimental with shades of John Lennon; think of an unopened flower bursting to bloom. Lovely slide guitar and sensitive meanderings steer this tune towards reflection and remembrance. Dylan-esque as is ‘Where Love Betrays’.

The nearest we get to a shit-kicker is ‘Will In Chains’. Bobbing dynamically from rock to soft, empty musings with light backing, great subject matter (you have to hear it). ‘Where Love Betrays’ steals it’s direction from Leonard Cohen, which is good.

All in all-great sensitive song writing with a slow pulse burning like salt petre in an atmosphere of sadness and light. Shimeon could (should?) rock out a little more but this is a very special first album, which smacks of good things to come. If the label managers have their foresight correct then the folks at Re- Interpreted should have a great twelve months in store for them.

John Slater 2008
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