George Borowski, Gideon Conn and Rooks and the Ravens @ Green rooms Manchester 13/09/08

As a first step towards an appreciation of George Borowski’s contribution to music, consider the following.

George’s consistent motto is one that undoubtedly connects his epic music with the music of others. However, tonight is a corroborative affair and this inevitably makes it difficult to establish who the protagonist is. It is however; clear that George is more than happy to take on the role of nominator. It is also clear that others share his altruistic vision though prefer to exhibit their compatibility by physically contributing to his live performance. George’s ethos is obviously diversity by mixture!

Earlier tonight, High Peak’s, five piece band – Rooks and the Ravens took to the stage and performed what can only be described as an articulate, edgy, blistering, self-assured and diverse performance. The audience willingly allow themselves to be engulfed by the eternal fireball I.e., (Classic Rock) that this band exist in and I am not at all surprised because they are without a doubt an inspirational and exhilarating live experience.

Fortunately, Rooks and Ravens do not simply re-create a familiar sound; they seem to have a thorough and authentic affinity with it. They also appear the posses the potential to perpetuate the genre in a valuable and meaningful way. We will see…

Gideon Conn, innovator and one of tonight’s intelligencers delivers an intentionally jovial and memorable performance. He bounces up and down, leaps forward into the crowd, illustrates with his body and behaves in such an uninhibited way that the audience cannot help but be intoxicated by his melting pot of slick Hip Hop beats, lyrical, physical and emotional workouts; unusual, amusing musings and at times, veritable observations. Phew…

George, Netty Brooks, Phil Cawsey, John Ellis and drummer, John B, Major (Rooks and Ravens) are now three songs into an energetic set and the audience frantically wave their arms in the air. George is waving his arms in the air too; he small talks with the crowd, shares his views and frustrations about societal attitudes, Late Capitalism and by the sounds of things to come – The future of dental health in the UK, ha, ha. Some of the audience have now gone and I am puzzled by their abrupt exit. However, the one hundred or so remaining appears to fill the empty spaces with admiration and complete devotion. Netty Brooks is clearly an enigmatic and commanding personality. Her voice and presence really do echo something very real and it is not long before the audience’s gaze is firmly fixed upon her.

The night ends the following day, three encores later and a genuine thank you to George from all present…

Jim Sutherland 2008

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