December 5th Underground Edition

Hello there, this is Bill Everatt, with news about the Celtica Radio Underground Edition, which is also available on 1602Khz Medium Wave across Europe through the transmitters of Radio Seagull.

And, in this weeks show;

My special guest is Maya Lynch from Weapons of Sound, and we’ll be talking to her in the second hour. In Urban Legends, our regular weekly mystery story feature, we examine some well known and not so well known folklore in the programme, this week in our continuing series of traditional Welsh Urban Legends… Its, The Legend of Llyn Barfog.

In the first hour, Andrew John has been let out of the asylum to do some therapeutic ranting. And we hear from our own James Lewis, in about forty minutes with JL’s World, a soulful look at life.

Also who said this? “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”

Plus we’ve also got some great new music in this week’s programme from; Identity, Kusha Deep, Sami Love, Matt Mathias, The Everglades and Davy Cartwright.

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