Pause for Thought

As we approach Christmas please spare a thought and even some generosity for all those people who are unable to celebrate it as we do. The world which we are living in at the moment is in such a state, what with the financial problems and the appalling waste of life through terrorism and illness, and starvation. We might feel that our wealth is rapidly evaporating from around us, but the truth is that there is still plenty to go all around the world, which would help to ease the suffering of so many people.

As a Christian minister I try and teach what Jesus Christ said, “Love your neighbour as yourself”. To my mind there is no greater teaching and if we all did that what a wonderful world this would be. So at this joyful time of the year when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ what better birthday present could we give him than to help to bring peace and harmony to the world by loving your neighbour!

About Keith Berry-Davies

I am a priest in the Church of England and have recently retired from full time ministry. I'm married and have 6 children and 11 grandchildren. I first got involved in broadcasting when I was in my late teens and have been doing it almost ever since and I hope that I will continue until I really am old and infirm.

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