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Two new updates on Celtica Radio for late November

Underground Edition
On the Underground Edition for November 21st Bill Everatt’s special guest is Paul Saxby.  In Urban Legends we hear our continuing series of traditional Welsh Urban Legends…  this week its, The Visitor at Waunfawr.

Andrew John has been let out of the asylum to talk about knobbliness and curvature and “food for thought” and just what are an Ant and Dec for?  And we hear from our own James Lewis, JL’s World, a soulful look at life.

Also who said this?  “Race hate isn’t human nature; race hate is the abandonment of human nature.”

Plus we’ve also got some great new music in this week’s programme from; Audio Race, Minerva Street, Jabba James, Going Some Place, Four Simple Rules, Palmstruck and The Velodrome.

New Music Radio Show
Andrew John presents the latest additions to the Celtica Radio Playlist with a little help from his two lovable and cute pets.  This update has music from;
The Smiling Strangers – All The Way
Kym Campbell – Mocking Bird
IreneB – Forgive Me Now
The Mispent – Singing On The Roof
The Anonymous Scribes – Roads
Shilli – Happy Without Knowing Why
The Velodrome – The Russians Are Coming
Plastilinovy JiNN – Jolly Roger
Jabba James – NuRevolution
Elle Jay – Silence
Palmstruck – The Spolier
Schrodingers Cat – Closer
Michael Palmieri – Fantasy 1996, movement 4
Ryan Helman – Another Heartbeat

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