November 14th Underground Edition

Hello there, this is Bill Everatt with news about this weeks Underground Edition.

My special guest is Tally Koren and we’ll be talking to her in the second hour.  In Urban Legends we examine some well known and not so well known folklore in the programme, this week, we hear the first in a series of traditional Urban Legends from Wales.

Andrew John will be presenting the last of the Chronicles of Little Bibbling Under Flossock where he gets a rude awakening – quite literally – and finds he has to face up to the realities of life.  And we hear from our own James Lewis, with JL’s World, a soulful look at life.

Also who said this?  “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

Plus we’ve also got some great new music in this week’s programme from; Stephanie Brickey, Kusha Deep, Rob EC, Mohammad Thabet, Clarity, Jerry Dean Lester and Matt Dean.

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