New Programme Updates Oct 31st

The Fred Stacey Show
The October 30th dose of Fred who talks about the Battle of Trafalgar, Arboretums and the Nanny State.  Plus music from the Celtica Archive.

Underground Edition
Bill Everatt with the October 31st update of the Underground Edition.  In this weeks show, Bills special guest is Jane Bissett, who is the editor of a new publication called ELM.  This is an ethical lifestyle magazine new to the market and being launched in the New Year, and Bill talks with her in the second hour.  In Urban Legends we examine some well known and not so well known folklore in the programme, this week, we hear Part 1 of The Priestess and the Titanic read by Robbie Peterson.  In this hour, Andrew John will be here with more of the Chronicles of Little Bibbling Under Flossock.  And we also hear from our own James Lewis, with JLs World, a soulful look at life even if he is suffering from bubonic plague!

Also who said this? Never discourage anyone who continually makes progress, no matter how slow.  Plus more great new music in this weeks programme from; Elle Jay, the Mispent, Katie Marie, Roxanne Hall and Avenue Earth, Andrew Handrick and the irrepressible Ryan Helman.

Squaring The Circle
This month, Dave Carrington presents:- Dateline written by Monica Smith and read by Jane Bissett. Plus a trilogy of poems written by Mike Boland, read by Glenda Jenkins.

If you want your material to be considered, then contact us by e-mail at “info” at “” or by post at Dave Carrington Squaring the Circle, Celtica Radio. P.O. Box 48, Bridgend. CF32 9ZY. United Kingdom.

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