Underground Edition for Sept 26th

Hello again, thanks very much for tuning in this is Bill Everatt, with news about the next Celtica Radio Underground Edition, which is now broadcast on 1602Khz AM across Europe through the transmitters of Radio Seagull, and Podcased and On-Line from our website.  All available from Friday.

And in this weeks show;

My special guest is Lloyd, a singer/songwriter, guitarist and producer, who comes from Somerset, and we’ll be talking to him in the second hour. In Urban Legends we examine some well known and not so well known folklore in the programme.  This week we hear a Japanese story called The Reconciliation.

In the first hour, Andrew John will be here with the Chronicles of Little Bibbling Under Flossock.  And we also hear from Andre Van-Wyk, who has news which may be of interest to our international listeners who may be thinking of visiting South Wales around Christmastime.

Also, who said this?  “I love acting. It is so much more fun than real life.”

Plus we’ve also got some great new music in this weeks programme from; Ryan Helman, The Keyz, Irritant, Six Point Five, The Kamen, Elena, Humancycle and Scarlet BLONDE.

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