New Shows for September

Karl Burtonshaw
After a long break, Karl Burtonshaw is back with a brand new update, with Betty the Cleaning Lady, Twisted tales from the Story Lady, and the Dead Man in an Envelope; where Karl gives out clues to the identity of a historical figure from long ago.  Plus plays some great new music from;- Matt Dean, the divineMAGgees, Taylor Mckenna, Spatial Unity, Rob EC, Janis Ian, the Olympic Lifts and The Strutts.

The Latest New Music Radio Show
Andrew John is looking after things for Steve Edge, and plays the brand new additions to the Playlist for September 13th, including;
Mowglee – Waiting For The Day
The Keyz – Them and Me
Shaun Barrowes – When I Take Your Hand
Oscar Peretto – Siento
Mpath – (Who Will Get The) Marvin Gaye
Matthew James White – Make It Click
Joe Hay – Carrie
Jean-Michel Danton and Geno Henderson – A New World
Third Time Luckie – Out On The Town
Edd Hillman – Wasted Dreams
Urusen – Hugo
Two Twenty Two – Alice
And Janis Ian – Through the Years.

Presented from the Vicarage in Weston Super Mare in England, Keith Berry Davies talks about political correctness. The election of a gay Bishop in Wales.  Book reviews of Opening the Old Testament, and Touched by God. Ten Monastic Journeys, edited by Laurentia Johns.  Plus, great new spiritual music and a meditation.

The Vybe
JL returns with the Planets Greatest Grooves for this exclusive programme for Celtica Radio International. Full of the inimitable broadcasting style that brings you some of the Worlds best unknown artistes with a Vybe. Expect Thunderstorms and things that make you go Hmmmmn. Why ask Why and plenty of irreverent humour and of course the music with soul.

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