August 3rd update of the Underground Edition

Bill Everatt here with some great news about Janis Ian, the Grammy Award-winning American singer /songwriter, who started her highly successful singing career in the 1960s and 1970s, and has continued recording into the 21st century.

Janis has OFFICIALLY joined the Celtica Radio Playlist.  She has a new Autobiography out now called “Society’s Child” which you can get through Amazon, and a CD, the “Best of Janis Ian – The Autobiography collection.”  More details can be found at, and will be appearing in the August 3rd update of the Underground Edition which for the final time is also being simulcast as part of the Volts Show Collection of programmes on Radio Freeway.

The reason why we’re stepping aside is to enable Radio Freeway to expand their Volts Show productions.  So, next week they will be live from Barco in Swansea along with a brand new look to Sunday Evenings.  However, through the miracle that is the Internet, the Underground Edition will also continue as normal on Celtica Radio, and for those of you who listen to the show on-demand, or download it as a podcast, will find that there will be no change, we’ll still be here, available as before, from the same links.

It would take over twenty-four hours of solid transmission to do justice to the quality of the Unsigned and Independent artists’ that we’ve airplayed on the Underground Edition over the last three and a half years, so as we’re closing a chapter, this weeks show contains music by some of THE most successful acts that we’ve airplayed during that time.  Proving that it is no longer the case that you need to be signed to a major record label and music publishers to become successful.

Additionally, in this weeks show, my special guest is Matt Dawe from the band Third Time Luckie.

Andrew John will be here to tell us more about the chronicles of Little Bibbling Under Flossock.  This week, our featured interview is with – you’ve guessed it – Mrs Emelia Spleenwort.  And she’s found some ancient documents under her outside lavatory that throw the light on the origins of LBUF.  Oh, and the Prime Minister of the rest of the country, Gordon Brown, calls in for an extensive interview as he tries to drum up support among party devotees, forgetting that LBUF has been a republic for centuries and may not actually exist!

In Urban Legends, Rizla the Tom, assists in telling the story of Kasper the Wooden Cat, taken from the Mark Barber Book, Urban Legends Uncovered.

Also, who said this?  “If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there’d be peace.”

And as I mentioned earlier, we’ve got some incredibly successful artists on this weeks programme including; Richard Gilpin, Urban Ego, Fraid Knot, Urusen, the Reverend Zen, Richard X Haymen, Rob EC, Two Twenty Two, and the Searchers.

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