Celtica Radio Nominated for the European Podcast Award.

News has reached us, [and it was a complete surprise] that Celtica Radio has been nominated for a European Podcast Award.

As Celtica Radio podcasts are equipped with a functioning RSS-Feed and do not infringe or violate any copyrights of third parties we were proposed for the Award.  But as we have no information as to who actually did this, we can’t say thank you to them.  [And it wasn’t any of our team!]

Our nominated podcasts can be evaluated and rated online on this “Vote and Win” page http://www.european-podcast-award.eu/uk/start/vote-and-win/professional/type/player/uid/635/podid/635.html.  Finally a jury of specialists will award the prizes for the podcasts, taking the online ratings into account.

We should know if we have won an award by the middle of October 08.

National and European winners will receive official notification and will also receive their awards publicly, if possible.  The prises include valuable material such as audio-recording devices and software.  Prizes will also be drawn among the visitors to the portal, who have proposed and / or rated podcasts.



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