Live Music at the Point

In early 1988, I was handed a demonstration cassette recorded by a little known South Wales band fronted by Phil Jones.  The tape contained a stunning recording of a song called Aeroplane.  At the time I was working as a full time presenter and producer on Red Dragon Radio, the commercial radio station for the Capital City of Wales – Cardiff.  And I lost no time in airplaying this exhilarating track to the stations audience of over three quarters of a million people.  Since then, I have received thousands of demo discs covering all types of musical genres, but without a doubt, this recording set the standard by which I evaluated all material in the future.  For over twenty years, the driving force behind the music on that tiny cassette has been going strong, and has recorded many albums of original material.

So you can imagine how pleased I was when Phil invited me and Celtica Radio to cover his bands latest concert, live at the Point, Cardiff Bay.

The Point itself is a Gothic style, stone built church erected around 1900, and was formerly known as the church of St Stephen, situated in the old Merchants Quarter of Mount Stuart Square.

St Stephen’s church was deconsecrated in 1992 and since has been used by various associations as a community centre and theatre group until 2001 when it was purchased by its present owners, who wanted to create Cardiff’s premier live music venue.

It was beautifully restored in 2003, retaining many of the architectural features and all of its rare stained glass windows.  The building was also furnished with a fully operational permanent stage, lighting fixtures, and an in-house Public Address and projection system.  And it was from these surroundings that Celtica Radio brings you recorded live at The Point – the Headline band S.E.X.  Plus special guests “As Silence Falls” and to start the programme a unique instrumental set performed by the Kinky Wizzards.

This programme can be located on both the Listen Again and Podcast pages on the Celtica Radio website, plus is available from the Home Page Scroller and free from Apple iTunes.

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