New Programme Updates For June 2008

More new programmes for your delight on Celtica Radio!

First of all it’s welcome to John Sambrook, and the Ceredigion Connection.
John Sambrook is no newcomer to commercial radio, having worked for a number of stations including BBC Radio Norfolk, and most recently Radio Ceredigion, where John perfected this unique programme featuring;- Roots, Blues, World and Country music.  John now brings this very popular format to Celtica Radio covering the musical talent of the costal area of Mid-Wales. This show is exclusive to Celtica Radio, and is presented from studios in Mid-Wales. A resident of Aberystwyth, John is a supporter of Aberystwyth Town, and Norwich City football teams. If you want your material to be considered, then contact us by phone, fax, e-mail or Postal Mail.

Steve Edge – The New Music Radio Show
More brand new additions to the Playlist for June 1st, including;-
Robert OConnor – Wonderful Accident
Cakehole Presley – Gotta Know Your Name
Ludicrous Liquorice – Walling at the party
Mechanical Owl – Brittle
Rev Carver – She Told Me
Anatasha – Take your time
Cameron Smith – Like a River
The Indigo Road – Simple
Inspirition – ISALONE
Remy De Laroque – Where Were From
Davy Cartwright – The Grey Song
Flatline – These Scars
Fraid Knot – Hoist the Sails

Bill Everatt, with the June 1st update of the Underground Edition.
Bills special guest is the singer songwriter Anatasha, also featured in the Steve Edge New Music Show.  Andrew John reports from Little Bibbling Under Flossock on the price of oil, and the big oil protest and blocade thats happening there, led by the mayoral consort, the 29-stone Juicy Lucy the Third. Oil is the driving factor in Bibblings economy, but its all somehow connected with Mrs Edna Sharples in Florizel Street, and old Mr Florin, the village corpse.  In Urban Legends we hear the story of the The Gypsys Curse.  Also who said this?  “Patience has its limits. Take it too far, and its cowardice.”  Plus this week, more new music with information on the artists from amongst others Slave to the Squarewave, Alan Heap, Six Point Five, Barry Eaton, Kinky Retro, The Meteors and Fredrick Wilson.

The Fred Stacey Show – Update May 28th.
Tune in to the all new extended 90 minute weekly dose of Fred with Anecdotes about Chewing Gum for healthy bowels’, National Smile Month, Indiana Jones and Sex in the City. 
Plus music by 2 Good 2 Go, Souds of Sulphur, Gax Reanolds and Ten Reasons to live, as well as tracks from the Celtica Radio Archive.

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