Welcome to Little Bibbling under Flossock

You can see Little Bibbling under Flossock from the other side of the M39 if you’re sitting down. It’s a strange place. It has a tyrannical councillor called Beauregard Soup who is tall and angular and thin and given to wearing dark clothes (he’s a right bastard) and a man called Mr Pingblatt, who is two science teachers. Yes, there are two of him. Hard to tell why, or how, but, then, he is the science teachers.

I’ll introduce LBuF in Bill Everatt’s The Underground Edition, which I assume he’ll be putting on the site on Sunday (4 May). If he doesn’t, Councillor Beauregard Soup will want to know why.

In fact, it’s to escape Councillor Beauregard Soup that Bill is recording his programme in an underground bunker in Much Fondling on the Grope, which is a tiny hamlet in North Glamorgan twinned with an unpronounceable town in Utah, where Bill’s other five wives hail from.

I was born in LBuF, and that’s why I have an affection for it. But I’ve done rather well from the inbreeding that tends to go on, in that only two of my relatives are my mother. It gets worses. Oh, it gets worses.

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Welcome to Little Bibbling under Flossock — 3 Comments

  1. Bah! This Bibbling Babbling ought to be banned! I say HANG the lot of them, or send them back to school… Now where’s my Cricket Bat!