May 2nd Updates

More new shows on demand, downloadable as podcasts or receivable on Wi Fi Radio.
The Fred Stacey Show, updated April 29th.
The weekly dose of Fred with Anecdotes, quirky news and music by Willy McCulloch, Thomas Becker, Viva Machine, Koopa and Our Funeral Forgotten as well as tracks from the Celtica Radio Archive.
The New Music Radio Show, updated May 2nd.
Steve Edge is back with brand new additions to the Playlist on May 2nd, including;
The Mason Brothers – May You Rise
Robert Nix – Torture
TetraTum – Debbie Does
Billy Curtis – That’s Love
Cavedoll – Decoder
The Audio Movement – Valentine
Luke Sneyd – Galileo
Rachel Scott – Homie
Jack Montgomery – Whiskey in the Jar
David Monte Cristo – Dreams
Hitchcock – Katie
RainPops – The Way It Started
Krishna Black Eagle – How Can I
Moon Medicine – Coming With Me
Bill Everatt, May 4th update of the Underground Edition
This programme is also broadcast as part of the Volts Show Collection of programmes on Radio Freeway too every Sunday starting at 9:30PM UK time.In this weeks show…  Bills special guest is the singer songwriter Jabba James.This week, Andrew John is chomping at the bit and talking about the teachers’ strike and the local council elections and might even give us instruction on how to water your vegetables.

The Urban Legends continue with the story of the incredible long-lived Lightbulb, read, by Robbie Peterson.

Also who said this?  “Humanity is acquiring all the right technology for all the wrong reasons. Plus this week, new music with information on the artists from amongst others Mark J Stevens, Remy De Laroque, Material Project, Jim Hitchcock, Maidens IV, Davy Cartwright and Andi Neate.

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May 2nd Updates — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Bill,
    I finally got round to listening to your show today, hey, it was good! And you played some cracking music, right from the opening track. You’ve got yourself another listener…. And thanks for playing ‘Sitting There’.
    I’ll send you the whole ‘Brittle’ album, not for the show, but just so’s you can hear the entire thimg when you’ve got time.
    Well done, mate!