New Programme Updates March 24th

Three great new updates are on-line now from Celtica Radio. Bill Everatt has the Easter update of the Underground Edition. Including an interview with the faith artist Tony Mallah presented by Dave Easterbrook. Andy John has more of the Golden Bullox awards. The Urban Legends continue to feature Wales with The Legend of Llyn Barfog. Plus more new music with information on the artists from amongst others Hitchcock, Micah Wolf, Bikini Test Failure, Tetra’Tum, the Blue Horses and Jack Montgomery.

KC Jones is also on-line with another Boogie Locomotive featuring music by;-
Chichino – It Could Happen To You (Seed Love Parade Radio Mix)
Electric Soul Method – The Night
dlivr – You Are Everything
Trey Alexander – On Your Knee’s
Isaac Angel – Come Away
Harlano – Whats Mine Is Yours
Sam J B – Pieces of a Dream
The Pimps Of Joytime – BONITA
Charlotte Taylor and Gypsy Rain – 88 Miles to Memphis
The Roast – Booty
Brooklyn Players – Hypnotized
Freemaker – The Gates
Temple Hedz – Breath Of Life
8traC – Sign of the Times

Finally, you can listen to a band new sample programme of the Volts Show Random Selector presented by Dave Easterbrook.

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