March 2nd ~ Underground Edition

Hello again, thanks for tuning in, this is Bill Everatt, with news about the March 2nd update of the Underground Edition on Celtica Radio.

This week, we listen to the words and music of rock band Myak Indicator.

Andy John is talking a well earned rest this week, so in his usual slot, I’ll be talking to Andre Van Wyk from Bridgend County Borough Council about this years Gathering Youth Festival.

The Urban Legends continue with the creepy tale of The Visitor at Waunfawr.

Also who said this?  “When a man tells you that he got rich through hard work, ask him: ‘Whose?”

Plus this week, we’ve got more new music with information on the artists from amongst others The Vale, Urban Ego, The Whethermen, Fairfax, Heidi and Paul Taneja.

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