February 24th Underground Edition

Hello again, this is Bill Everatt, with news of the February 24th update of the Underground Edition, starting at 9:30PM UK time.

This week, we have another chance to listen to the words and music of the band Avalon Way, plus we also have some details about where you can go and see them live and exactly what they are up to right now.

Andy John is talking about Blackpool council and how they’re playing Nanny, in wanting to carpet the floors of a community centre that pensioners use for ballroom dancing (for which you need a slippery floor). So the pensioners are buggered and have buggered off to a local school which, of course, is run by the very council that said the slippery floor was, well, slippery and they might hurt themselves.

After a short break the Urban Legends return with the ancient story of the Night Watch.

Also who said this?  “Cats are smarter than dogs. You can’t get eight cats to pull a sled through snow.”

Plus this week, we’ve got more new music with information on the artists from amongst others Lawrence Cresswell, Heidi, Six Point Five, Nova Celtica, The Breakers and moment Sarah Warne.

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