Mangled English

Hello again. Andrew John here. Hello? Anybody there? Oh, there you are!

I’ve been off the airwaves (should that be linewaves?) for a while, apart from the odd story for Celtica, but I’m rejoining Bill Everatt’s Underground Edition this coming Sunday, 20 January, to talk a bit about crap English. You know the sort: gobbledegook.

It was Bill’s idea. He stumbled (he’s always stumbling – it’s too many wine gums) across a website with some special awards for mangled English – but you’ve got to hear it to believe it.

So somewhere in Bill’s show there’ll be a two-minute (or so) slot while I bring you some of the best (or worst, depending on your point of view) of these, and I’ll be trying to outdo them with a bit of gobbledegook of my own – except that mine isn’t as polite as theirs tries to be.

So, incline your auditory modality organs in the approximate direction of the electro-acoustic transducers attached to your computational device during that specific temporal eventuality, and let’s see if we can take the piss out of the crap (if you see what I mean).

See you there next week.

About Andrew John

Andrew John is a writer, editor and broadcaster with Celtica, providing, among other things, a weekly moan on a topic in the news. He spends much of his life moaning and criticising, and is crap company at parties. But just humour him. He's not a bad bloke, really.

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