New Shows for 2008

2008 on Celtica Radio kicks off with the Steve Edge New Music Radio Show.  This brand new show has the latest tracks added to our Playlist and includes;-

Chichino – Every Little Thing (Radio Edit)
Scott Olgard – The warm up VS the Letdown
Michael Jameson band – Summer Love
Sound From Silence – Spinning Tops
Kizz Mac ft Stevey Chan – Get it Crackin’
Melanie Jean – Ain’t Over Yet
San Froyd – lady the ..
The Breakers – The Ballad Of Middle Management
Itamar – Were Right
Reemo – Rushin’ Man
The Vale – Last Chance
Simon Astley – Shopping Mall
Whitehouse – Nobody to blame

We also have a brand new show from Bill Everatt, with the New Year 2008 update of the Underground Edition.

Its hard to believe, but the Underground Edition has been going in various forms since 2000, and this year along with quite a few of the other Celtica Radio shows we will have been broadcasting pretty much continuously for around eight years with the same promise of performance.  Thats an achievement very few terrestrial radio stations can manage, certainly the ones in our neck of the woods!

In this programme Bill takes a look at some of the best Gobbledegook of 2007 in a brand new weekly feature called The Golden Bullocks Awards.

In 2007, the UK had a change of leadership in the Labour Party, and Government, so we have another chance to hear the day that Andy John met John Prescott.  We continue with the new series of Urban Legends, this week its “In a Far Off World” written by Olive Schreiner.

Also who said this?  “The future, according to some scientists, will be exactly like the past, only far more expensive.”

Plus some great new music and information on the artists from amongst others Delta, San Froyd, Andy Tanas, Kizz Mac ft Stevey Chan, Sound From Silence and The Alice Rose.

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