New Music Radio Show for June 1st

Hi, Steve Edge here with an update about the latest New Music Radio Show.  This month we’ve added all these tracks to the Celtica Radio Playlist.  I’m also playing one or two “classics” from the vaults, Oh yes, and Bill made me play Doctor Spangles!

Kinky Durakee – The Things We Fear The Most
Maggie Khiane – Happy Day
Airiel Down – Into The Blue
Irritant – Voice of the Siren
The Lazerus Plot – Don’t Change a Thing
Koopa – One Off Song for the Summer
Urban Myth Club – Moon & The Night
Maria Miller – I Dont Want Tomorrow To Be Monday
Walter Mann – Honey
Kevin Kennedy – My Best Days
Maidens IV – Jolly Rover
Mispent – Saving for a Rainy Day
Kind of Girl – Slave to your Charms
Doctor Sparkles – Sail Away

Love and Kissies ~ Steve…

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New Music Radio Show for June 1st — 3 Comments

  1. Hello Steve! (and Bill too)

    I just wanted to thank you for playing Doctor Sparkles’ music! Stay tuned because later this year he will be releasing his next CD called Monkey Swing Monkey Doo. This will be an album of original swing music and again ukulele based. You can get a sneak peek by viewing the videos on his website

    Love & Silliness, Mrs. Sparkles

  2. Thanks for playing (yet again) our songs, and even taking the time and effort to listen and select our latest “B” side the Things We Fear The Most. If only there were more like you around the airwaves..

    thanks again

    all of us who are Kinky Durakee