April 29th update of the Underground Edition

Hello again, Bill Everatt here, with news about the April 29th update of the Underground Edition.

In this weeks show, we finally get to hear all about one of the most enigmatic new music groups in the World;  Scotland’s Threadneedle Street.  And we’ll be chatting with Mike Rat from the bands base in Glasgow in about forty minutes.

In Urban Legends, Keith Berry-Davies reads The Room Mates Death; a frightening and grisly story which may be true or may be false, you decide!  Don’t forget, you can get more details on this tale and others from a book written by Mark Barber which is called Urban Legends Uncovered.

Andrew John is here with another moan. This time about jolly old Hugh Grant.

Also who said this?   “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”  Who do you think said that?

Plus we’ve also got some great music and information on the artists from amongst others Charles P Hurowitz, Leigh Phillips, Tetra’Tum, Kidic, Dlugokecki, Elena and in a moment Kinky Durakee.


April 29th update of the Underground Edition — 3 Comments

  1. Bill,

    You have a great little show there,very different to the usual.I am not entirely surprised you get a hard time for it.The industry can moan itself stupid,you are a pioneer mate.

    With thanks again,and very kind regards,