When will we get someone who knows what they are doing?

Now if you are in the Armed Forces it would seem that being a captive is ‘a nice little earner’……What about the official secrets act?, oh and not giving succour or help to the enemy(not repealed since the Napoleonic wars).

It beggars belief that a¬†high ranking officer, such as a Rear Admiral, can at any time believe that his personnel are not in a position of a special nature! That the defence of ….’I wanted them to be able to tell their own story their way’…would be sufficient for his decision.

Add to the frame another ‘bean counter’, one Mr Des Browne who now claims with hindsight he could have made a better decision…..his best decision now would be to resign, but out of the government…Yes I know he’ll move into another government office and hide for a while. You see that is what is so unfair to my ‘minds eye’. The personnel have only done what they were told they could do…..by a group of ‘idiots of the first water’…..and so carry no blame in this ‘debacle’.

The people who should carry the blame are probably going to ‘dissappear into the woodwork’, and loose nothing.

What about the families of those fallen service personnel? Where has the media rush been to hear their stories? Where are the journalists wanting to put forward the case for the needless loss of these personnel, lost because of the wrong kit being used, or a lack of equipment?

I would say that the fact that there was a woman involved in some way was the only ‘driver’ for this media frenzy, not to say the need for more glamoruos, ‘sexy’ news because the Iran, Iraq thing is getting ‘old news!

This woman volunteered to be in the position she was in, even though she was a mother.This was the risk she was perpared to take, and yet we are to be amazed whe she gets taken hostage at the fact she is a hostage, and a mother.

In all of this the MINISTRY OF DEFENCE is getting a bad name, well what can we expect with the Mr blair at the helm of his ‘Blair New Labour project’.

The families of the fallen, those who have lost sons, and daughters deserve better from these ‘saturday matinee Cowboys’ who wrap themselve in the Union Flag, and sacrifice these peoples children. These families need to know, and be shown that, unlike most of ‘Blairs Britain’ Honour, Sacrifice, Service, and the ultimate payment any service person can pay for his comrades, and country, the sacrifice of their own life, is NOT FOR SALE TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER!!

With that said, as Dave Allen use to say……..’May your God go with you. Bye

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